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Co-founder of the Moore Institute, Inc. Executive Director of The Addiction Research Foundation. Steve is interested in everything about addiction and has a strong desire to develop better methods to help others

Report on 3 Year Study of Childcare for Self Help meetings

At the Addiction Research Foundation, we conducted an online survey that was pushed through social media. We at the point where we started noticing that women and men attended self help meetings at a different rate wehad close to 1000 respondents. Of these respondents close to two thirds were women. While women were more likely to respond to an online survey they were less likely [...]

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Survey results of activities outside of self help meetings that support recovery

  % (percentage) Family 53.1 Spirituality 49.4 Friends 43.3 Exercise 30.6 Meditation 23.3 Nutrition 20.4 Leisure 20 Journaling 11.8 Religion 11.8 This Table illustrates the most commonly reported types of activity in order of frequency, with the top three being family, spirituality, and friends that people use to support their recovery outside of self help [...]

Addiction Research Results

Here is some information from the most recent data set of the on line addiction research survey as of March 2015. As we have said, this data is very preliminary and we are not ready to start making any statements about what it might mean. However, we still find some of this to be very [...]

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Understanding Addiction Outcomes Research

There is general agreement that follow up study of patients with substance use disorders is difficult. Longitudinal drug addiction research with any diverse population is hard, but this seems to present unique challenges. So many of the questions about longer term outcomes remain unanswered. Almost all of the published studies that are available are on [...]

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