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We are very excited to announce that Pam Moore’s new book Unhook and Live Free will be coming soon.  We are looking at an early fall release date.

You can unhook and live free.   This book is a brilliant guide to understanding yourself and how to unhook from negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings.   The Method, as explained in this book is life changing.  It was born out of the desperate desire to end suffering for Pam.  She realized how well it worked and wanted to share it with you to help create a framework to unhook from thinking, traumas and behaviors that plague you.  The Method has changed countless lives.  Real change is possible.

Your current experience is bound by threads to your stories both old and new.  Pam teaches you how to unhook from the past in a new way to help you find freedom from shame, fear and pain. You will know a new joy and freedom from your stories and the past traumas that affect your way of thinking today.  She helps you to understand how beliefs and judgments cause attachment to negative thoughts and feelings.  The Method she developed, uses unhooking from the story of negative thoughts.  The Method shows you how to welcome the thoughts and feelings associated with these stories and then unhook and release them.  She teaches how to use forgiveness and gratitude to develop new beliefs and judgments.  This method of unhooking brings you into the light and fullness of life.