October 14 – 15, 2017 Weekend Workshop with Micheal Naylor

Michael Naylor, M.ED, CCPC, CCS, LADC Faculty Member of the Enneagram Institute Michael Naylor is a Faculty Member of the Enneagram Institute and an Authorized Enneagram Teacher trained by Don Riso and Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute, the global leaders of Enneagram education. He has worked in the field of transformation and empowerment, and [...]

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Current Research being conducted by ARF

We wanted to update you on some of the current research that is happening at ARF. 1. Will providing childcare increase female attendance at Self help meetings. We are currently providing childcare at Refuge Recovery 7 pm meeting on Wednesday evenings. We are tracking to see if this will make a meeting friendlier for women [...]

Announcing Addiction Recovery Intensive

What is it? Multi Modal Recovery Process (MMRP) was developed by Steve Moore and is a method utilized by the Moore Institute. Each client has a very individualized plan that is developed specifically for them. It starts with a thorough assessment utilizing our own MMRP system. Then a plan is jointly developed by our team [...]

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Women and Recoery

At the Addiction Research Foundation, we conducted an online survey that was pushed through social media. We at this point had close to 1000 respondents. Of these respondents close to 2/3s were women. While women were more likely to respond to an online survey they were less likely to attend 12 step meetings; 61 percent [...]

Multi Modal Recovery Process to be presented by Steve Moore

President of ARF Steve Moore, LCSW, PIP March 10, 2017 8:30 am -12 pm 3 CEUs for Socail Workers and LPCs This workshop will help you understand the MMRP. The MMRP is a product of research conducted by The Addiction Research Foundation that is based on four (4) principles: 1. Agreement (about the [...]

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Unhook and Live Free Coming Soon

  We are very excited to announce that Pam Moore's new book Unhook and Live Free will be coming soon.  We are looking at an early fall release date. You can unhook and live free.   This book is a brilliant guide to understanding yourself and how to unhook from negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings.   The [...]

What is happening at C3?

C3 At this time Refuge Recovery is meeting twice a week Smart Recovery is meeting once a week, a weekly yoga class, a professional’s meditation and sharing group called EMIT is provided once a month and various other workshops have been provided in this space.  In October at the grand opening the founder [...]

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C3 and Addiction Research Foundation

SAMSUNG CSC From the emerging data the centers around the theme for the need for social communities is consistent. All surveys showed that family and community were considered to be the very, if not the most, issue that is most important to the person in recovery. This finding is consistent with other recent [...]

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Assessments of AA and Treatment Centers

Go to the link below to hear Steve Moore discussing AA and treatment centers  

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Youtube page for Addiction Research Foundation

Come see what is happening on our Youtube page.

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